Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance can be viewed as a distinct but complementary dance style to the ballet technique.

While it follows technical principles in training, it allows much more space for the young dancer to take their own decision through movement, therefore increasing their freedom of expression.

Our classes loosely follow the Martha Graham‘s technique, concentrating on her principles.

We hope to challenge and enlarge the skills that our pupils already have through their ballet technique and introduce new forms and structures to what they are used to, to test their bodies and their imagination and first of all to have lots of fun!

Hallsville School of Ballet 2016

Level 1

Age: from 7
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1 hour


Level 2-3

Age: by ability
Difficulty: normal-hard
Duration: 1 hour

Unite, Contemporary levels 2-3

Level 3

Age: by ability
Difficulty: very hard
Duration: 20mins (in addition to L2-3)

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