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Want to be involved in Newham Dance Community ?

Hallsville School of Ballet 2012
Hallsville School of Ballet 2013
Hallsville School of Ballet 2016

MyBallet Community is a great non-for-profit organisation promoting dance for all !

Hallsville School of Ballet and MyBallet Community are twin companies working to promote dance in Newham.

While Hallsville School of Ballet concentrates in the training of young dancers, MyBallet Community is a Newham organisation here to promotes community involvement through dance.

Its aim is to encourage all, young and elder, from all ethnic origins, to engage in the art being dancers, spectators or makers and promote knowledge, understanding and practise of dance and its derived disciplines in the theatre business…

Reaching out to dancers and non-dancers alike, its goals are to give the community the chance to better its health, well-being, resilience, confidence and skills by taking part in its many activities.

It seeks to accomplish this by developing a strong dance culture in Newham with different activities/events reaching to the whole community (dancers & non-dancers, young & elders, from far and near)

And dedicates itself to contribute to the growth, wellbeing and cultural strength of the communities that it serves and with which it operates.

And of course to share its dance culture with others !

Its programmes of work are wide-ranging and include:

  • Affordable outings to theatres

  • Taster classes for all ages and capabilities

  • Workshops in dance and dance related disciplines

  • High quality Dance Company for residents of the Borough

  • Performance opportunities fot both professional and amateur artists

  • Family events

  • Educative interaction

  • Platforms of discussion