The importance of live music in a ballet class

By Ms Lydie 0
The importance of live music in ballet class and why is Hallsville School of Ballet one of few schools in London providing such training…
Some things seem like they cannot exist without another. Dance and music are a prime example. Music often fuels the dance, and dance makes the music a visual, breathing thing.
Some dance students and many professionals are fortunate enough to dance to music side by side – in its live form – and its benefits are something for which to be very grateful.
Music and dance are not meant to stand apart. They inspire each other. Live music is breathing – it’s a pulse, it’s a heartbeat. It helps the class kinetically, and it challenges the dancers’ senses.
The interaction between music and dance in a class environment, the interaction between the teacher, dancers and musician, is a live and creative one. In this creative environment, pianists will synchronize to the dancers/teacher when he can sense their energy making him a collaborative artist instead of a DJ.
This collaboration between the teacher and the musician gives the class dynamic dancers can greatly benefit from.
Live music teaches dancers that you don’t dance to music, you dance with music. One does not follow the other, one is not more important than the other. It develops a mutual and delicate awareness for each other.
A dancer needs to respond to a sound. As sounds vary, so should the movements of the body. With a live musician, the response will be different each time as the sound is different, an important aspect of the flow of class and the training of a dancer.
Music for dance goes beyond time signatures and labels, like ‘waltz’, ‘mazurka’ or ‘polka,’. A solid, linear melody is important, but the underlying part, the accompaniment to the melody, is the pulse. It creates space within sound and creates impetus for the young dancers to mature.
So, a dance class accompanist’s work should be recognized and applauded!
Here at Hallsville School of Ballet we believe live music is an entire part of ballet training and endeavour to provide pianist to as many of our students as possible.

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