Our Prices

First Time?

Your first ballet class with us being a trial class, there is no obligation. If your child decides that it is not for him/her, only £5.00 will be charged for this trial class with your booking.
However, if you would like to continue with ballet classes, fees will be charged on prorated basis from your initial trial class.

All subsequent terms will be invoiced to you torwards the end of current term. Should you wish not to come back, notice must be given in writing a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the next term or fees are due.

Missed classes can be “made up” during the same term. We offer NO refund for missed classes (see our terms and conditions)

For your trial class, your child should be able to move freely. Please dress your daughter with a skirt, a fairy dress or T-shirt and leggings. For boys a fitted T-shirt combined with a pair of shorts is appropriate.
If you do not have ballet shoes, it is best for your child to be bare feet.


LevelAge groupDurationOnce a weekTwice a week (-25% on total amount due)
Babies2,5 to 4 years old35 minutes£88
Pre-Primary4 to 6 years old45 minutes£99
Primary5,5 to 8 years old45 minutes£99£148.50
Grade 1 & Grade 2By ability1 hour£115£172.50
Grade 3 to 5By ability1 hr 15mins£143£214.50
Grade 6 to 8 & Adult PBT - BalletBy ability (adults 18+)1 hr 15mins£160PAYG £15.00
Contemporary only Level 1 & Level 2-3 From 7 years old (By ability)1 hour£115
Contemporary as an additional class From 7 years old (By ability)1 hour1st class(es) + £50
Contemporary 3 By abilityContemporary 2-3 + 20minsContemporary 2-3 + £30.00

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Book a trial

  • More than one child?
  • Uniforms?
  • Want to be a volunteer?

If you have more than one child attending our classes, a 5% discount applies to the total amount due.

When booking your trials, enter your oldest child’s details in the boxes and any additional child(s) name(s) and DOB in the Order Note box. Thank you.

You can order your uniform from our shop!
When ordering, do not worry too much about sizes, our uniforms fit most children of the same age.
If on the day it turns out it doesn’t fit, please hand it back to the the teacher and we will bring the adequate size the following week. We do not accept any exchange once for unfiorms once they have been taken home. Thus it is very important you try your uniform before you go home…

  • Ballet shoes, character shoes are fitted on the day.
  • Character skirts are made to order. We will measure your child before ordering her skirt. She will receive it between 4 and 6 weeks after being measured.

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