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Why a Ballet Uniform?

By Ms Lydie 0

Many people still view ballet dancers wearing pink tutu, frilled petticoats, ribbons and girly things… Unfortunately, in all that boys doing ballet are made to feel uncomfortable and sometimes ridiculed. But when going to class, ballet dancers are always very smart.

Many schools have a uniform to comply to, but basically dance wear is as follow:


wear a leotard with or without skirt depending on the school they go to or their level. The colours and style vary too. There are many dance shops to choose from, but very often your school will supply your uniform. Handy isn’t it?!

Leg wear is generally pink ballet socks for younger ones and ballet tights for older students.

The footwear

is very important, what we call “soft shoes” or “demi-pointes” are very flexible slippers made of canvas or leather. They must fit to the foot like a glove, although for children it is best to allow a bit of growing space.

Canvas soft shoes will make your foot look very good especially if it has a “split sole”, but leather shoes, being a bit less flexible will make your feet stronger by forcing you to work harder. Some schools do not allow split soles or canvas shoes!

Ballet shoes are held to your foot by an elastic placed over your ankle or by ribbons for older girls. It is very important to place the elastics or ribbons in the correct place for best fit

Ballet shoes don’t have a right and left foot and should be worn alternatively on both feet. Ballet shoes being so soft, take the shape of your feet, and alternating them is to encourage an even distribution of your weight on the floor.

When you reach 11 years old, you can start pointe work if you are strong and dedicated enough. Your teacher will tell you if you are ready or not. It doesn’t matter how much you want to do pointe work; you have to respect your teacher’s expertise as point work is difficult and can have lifelong effect on your body if not approached correctly or at the right time.

Girls’ hair

must be tied away from the face in a bun. It can take quite a while to learn how to make her bun for younger pupils, it doesn’t always look right at first, but I know your teacher will always appreciate your effort 😊


wear a white leotard or T-shirt with shorts or ballet leggings. There again the colour and style may vary depending on your school or level.

Footwear is the same as girls (soft shoes and socks), only in white or black.

It may feel weird to wear a leotard at first, but one gets used to it as it is much easier to dance with a tight outfit on.

See no pink tutus anywhere!

There is a technical reason behind a dance school uniform and the why of leotard and tight-fitting clothes for dancers too.

Ballet being such a precise technique, the teacher needs to be able to see his/her students’ anatomy very well to correct good posture and prevent injuries.

Baggy clothes would get in the way, and a sea of different colours and shapes within a class would distract not only the teacher but the students too.

Believe it or not but having all the students in uniform, helps improve technique, belonging, confidence and teamwork too!

Tell us; do you like your dance school uniform?

Do you feel comfortable with the dance etiquette?…

author: Ms Lydie


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