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MyBallet Community

 MyBallet Community works in partnership with MyBallet Academy to promote dance in London’s East-End.

At the Art of MyBallet Academy is the dedication to training budding dancers. Parallel to this, MyBallet Community stands as a non-forprofit organisation committed to fostering community engagement through the medium of dance.

Our mission is to inspireindividuals of all ages and backgrounds to delve into the worlld of dance, whether as performers, enthusiasts, or creators. We strive to nurture appreciation, understanding, and active participation in dance and its associated theatrical disciplines.

We cast a wide net, welcoming both dancers and non-dancers alike. Our objective is to provide avenues for the community to enhance their health, well-being, self-assurance, resilience, and skill sets by participating in our diverse offerings.

Our efforts are centred in east London, where we cultivate a robust dance culture. Through a range of activities and events, we aim to resonate with everyone—regardless of age, experience, or proximity.

Our commitment is unwavering: to bolster the growth, wellness, and cultural vitality of the communities we are intertwined with. And, not to forget, we ardently desire to spread the joy and essence of our dance culture far and wide.
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Our comprehensive programs encompass:


  • Budget-friendly theatre excursions
  • Introductory classes tailored for all age groups and abilities
  • Workshops focused on dance and related disciplines
  • A premier Dance Company for all in the local community
  • Performance avenues for both seasoned and budding artists
  • Family-centric events
  • Informative engagements
  • Discussion platforms

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MyBallet Community Youth Dance Company CIC CONSTITUTION

– To initiate, develop, and sustain an enduring infrastructure for dance in East London.

– To develop and deliver high-quality performance programmes, with an educational framework to provide dance activity or dance-related activities within the community not discriminating against participants.

– To develop participants’ personality, self-esteem, and creativity through exposure to this aspect of the performing arts

– To provide a model of excellence in the field of dance, and continue to research and develop new and effective ways of working with and delivering dance to the community.

– To support the well-being of the community through engagement with dance both as participants and audience members.

– To debate, discuss, and review the role of dance within society.

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