Lydie Schrepfer



Admin, Principal, Teacher

Lydie Schrepfer ARAD, RAD RTS, principal, director, ballet teacher and choreographer.

Ms Lydie‘s first training comes from France, her country of origin. After graduating from the ‘‘Concours d’Ile de France’’ and completing her Royal Academy of Dance training, she was awarded a scholarship from the London studio Centre where she trained with the well-known names of the theatre business.

Back in France she founded and directed her own semi-professional dance company ‘‘Coïncidanse’’. But she had caught the London bug and was soon back here where she felt she truly belongs.

Her twenty five years of experience as a RAD registered ballet teacher for all levels took her to the stage again but as a choreographer and director for ballet schools in Southwest London, for which she produced original full-length ballets. She has since created MyBallet Community to bring Ballet to London’s East-End community on a wider scale.

Ms Lydie values greatly the impact one’s teachers can have. Sylvia Padovan, Solange Golovine and Jacqueline Fynnaert in Paris and Anita Young, Sue Booker and Ikky Mass at the London Studio Centre are some of her most inspiring & well remembered teachers.

“One must never stop learning in life” she says, and in her pursuit for excellence, she has now mastered and introduced PBT to her students, is Silver Swan Licensed,  and welcomes you to join MyBallet Academy!