Covid-19 Updates

Update 10/10/22

In light of the government’s guidelines on Covid-19, MyBallet Academy has updated its classes procedure.


Please, follow MyBallet Academy’s class procedure below to enjoy your classes safely and with respect to others.


Our measures in place

Following the government’s guidelines our classes no longer need Covid restrictions.

However, we have learnt a lot from this “Covid experience” and will keep few things in place as they have enhanced our ballet experience.

  • We will limit the number of pupils to 16 per class.
  • We will keep the rooms well ventilated.
  • We may ask students to sanitize their hands before barre or partner work (depending on the season)
  • Sanitiser will be at your disposal in the waiting area.
  • We will use floor markings to help students distance from each other as dance requires space to move and understanding of floor patterns.


Before coming to ballet

  • Should your child test positive, or feel unwell, we ask you kindly to stay at home.
  • All parents/carers are now allowed to enter the building and wait in our waiting area – the corridor. Please, respect this area.
  • Children should change in the toilets.
  • Although face covering is no longer mandatory, feel free to wear one in crowded spaces


Class procedure

  • Please arrive 10mins before your class start; no earlier or later.
  • Our waiting area is the corridor between the dance studio and the Gym.
  • Our designated toilets are just behind the double door to the Gym.
  • Parents of children bellow 5 years old must remain on site during their child’s class.
  • Older students must come into the studio with all their belongings.
  • At the end of the class, we appreciate if you come into the studio to collect your child. We have found that it gives us teachers better opportunity to speak with you if needed.


We kindly ask you to follow the above and be considerate to others.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.