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MyBallet Academy Summer 2015 Primary class

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MyBallet Academy - Contemporary class
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  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class starts to give your child the possibility to start his/her class on time.
  • Please ensure your child’s uniform is worn neatly and that hair is tied off the face.
  • Children can change in the toilets, but it is preferable to arrive already dressed, with just the shoes to slip into on arrival.
  • Our waiting area is the corridor between the Dance Studio and The Gym.
  • Access to the building is for Students Only appart from parents/carrer of the classes below:
    Toddlers, Pre-Primary, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2
  • You are responsible for your child in the waiting area until your child’s class begins. Please respect this common space.
  • Please ensure you leave your child in the care of MyBallet Academy Staff before leaving the premises.
  • Please be on time to collect your child after class, it is extremely distressing for them to see their carer coming back late.

Thank you



-Try to be on time as being late for class disturbs pupils already in class and makes latecomers uncomfortable.

-If you are late, please ensure that your child is fully dressed for his/her lesson before leaving her with a MyBallet Academy member of staff.

-Please remember to take your child to the toilets before class too!

-Repetitive/very late comers may be refused entrance into class.


-A register is maintained for the purpose of health and safety and to record pupils’ attendance.

-Pupils are expected to attend all their classes.

-No refund will be given for missed classes.


-Pupils are expected to behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way and to show respect to their teacher when attending MyBallet Academy.

-Failure to comply could result in the pupil being asked to leave the class.


-We strongly advise complying with the dress code.

-But don’t worry if you can’t provide the whole uniform right away.

-Make sure uniforms are labelled with your child’s name (shoes included!) MyBallet Academy cannot be held responsible for any loss.

-Please, ensure that no jewellery and watches are worn and that hair is tied firmly off the face with a bun or hair band for shorter hair.


-Please, keep any valuables safe.

-MyBallet Academy cannot be held responsible if anything accidentally goes missing.

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