Upper Grades

Grade 6

From: 12 by ability

Difficulty: very hard

Grade 6 is suitable for students who have completed Level 2 of the RAD graded syllabus + Grade 5 ballet or equivalent.

RAD Grade 6 constitutes Level 3 of the RAD’s Graded syllabus and is equivalent to an A level or NVQ Level 3.


Following on from Grades 4 and 5 the knowledge and skills gained through successful completion of grade 6 provides a basis for progression to further personal development, lifelong learning and further and higher education opportunities.

Grade 6 is taken into account by universities and other HE institutions offering degree courses and programmes, and successful passing of the Grade 6 exam carries UCAS points.

Achievement of Grade 6 in dance contributes to a learner’s all-round achievement, as it helps to develop competencies such as motor control, self expression, physical fitness, and stamina, discipline, mental ability and confidence.

Students continue to study character, with an amalgamation of complex partner work in Polish, Russian and Hungarian styles.


We encourage our Grade 4 and above student to also take our PBT (Stretch & Strength) Classes to make their training complete.

Uniform: Lavender or Navy Leotard with mtching circular chiffon skirt, Navy Cardigan, Convertible Ballet tights, Ballet shoes, Character skirt and shoes.