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MyBallet Academy Covid-19 Safety Procedures


In light of the government’s guidelines on Covid-19, MyBallet Academy has updated its classes procedure.

Please, follow MyBallet Academy’s class procedure below to enjoy your classes safely and with respect to others.

Our safety measures in place

Following the government’s guidelines our classes no longer need to be “distanced” and there are no limits to the number of students we may have in any one room.

However, we believe in caution before else and have put in place the following measures.

  • We will limit the number of pupils to 12 per class.
  • We will keep the rooms well ventilated.
  • We will have a Co2 monitor in place to ensure our numbers are safe.
  • We will ask students to sanitize their hands regularly (coming in, coming out, when doing partner work or working with props)
  • We will use floor markings to help students to stay a safe distance from each other as often as possible.
  • Face covering will be mandatory in the corridor while waiting for class and for non-dancers on site (applies to children above 11).
  • Our teachers will be testing twice a week.

Before coming to ballet