Grade 3

Grade 3



Level: Normal
Limit of participants

 From 9 years old By ability.

RAD Grade 3 is suitable for pupils in Year 6-7 at school age 9-10, 11-12. By this stage many pupils will have come up through the previous Grades, although new pupils and absolute beginners are very welcome!


RAD Grades 1 to 3 constitute Level 1 of the RAD’s Graded syllabus and are the equivalent to GCSE Grades D-N or NVQ Level 1.


RAD Grades 1 to 3 promote “feeling before form” where the children are unafraid to try out new sensations of spinning, leaping and balancing. Musically inspired, exercises motivate pupils to acquire a well rounded understanding of ballet and character work, and promote joy in movement, sense of dance and performance quality.

The music for Grades 1 to 3 is a glorious collection of three centuries of dance music.


In our Grade 1 to 3 classes, student develop their understanding of ballet technique, their co-ordination, good posture, strength and flexibility, and in a nurturing environment develop their artistry and musical appreciation. Pupils learn Ukrainian (Grade 3), Hungarian (Grade 2) and Russian (Grade 1) Character work too.


Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) takes a more important role in the understanding of muscle memory at this level, thus encouraging a better understanding of Ballet technique.

At this level, we want our Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classes to stay imaginative, guiding students through the demands of classical technique with constant encouragement and inspiration.


Uniform: Lavender Leotard, Pink cardigan, Convertible Ballet tights, Ballet shoes, Character skirt, and shoes.