Grade 4

Grade 4



Level: Hard
Limit of participants

By ability.

Grade 4 is suitable for students who have completed Level 1 of the RAD graded syllabus.

RAD Grade 4 and 5 constitute Level 2 of the RAD’s Graded syllabus and are equivalent to GCSE Grade A*-C or NVQ Level 2.


Following on from Grade 1-3, the knowledge and skills gained through completion of Grade 4 and 5 provide a base for continued progression through the RAD syllabus into Discovering Repertoire or to prepare the candidate for Vocational Grades Intermediate to Advanced.


The underlying philosophy  of Grade 4 and 5 is to expend upon the foundations nurtured in Pre-Primary up to Grade 3, providing the student with sequential syllabus that will promote a developmentally appropriate and sound technique for ballet, underpinning secure technique while continuing to nurture the student’s awareness of artistry, musicality and dynamics.


In our Grade 4 and 5 classes, students will develop their ballet technique, arouse their creativity with a modern ballet section and learn Russian, Italian, Polish and Spanish Character Dance styles.


At this level, we want our Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classes to stay imaginative, guiding students through the demands of classical technique with constant encouragement and inspiration.

We encourage our Grade 4 and above student to also take our PBT (Stretch & Strength) Classes to make their training complete.


Uniform: Navy Leotard, Navy cardigan, Convertible Ballet tights, Ballet shoes, Character skirt, and shoes.