Pointe Work Class

Pointe Work Class



Level: Very hard
Limit of participants

From 11 years old By ability.

Our Pointe work class is based on Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) with specific exercises aimed at strengthening the feet and lower legs.

Open to students age 11 and Grade 4 and above coming to class a minimum of twice a week, our  Pointe Work class plays a significant role in understanding correct placement specific to pointe work and improving muscle strength for Pointe work training.

Our Pointe Work class is a great tool for beginners and whoever wishes to improve their pointe work.

The class begins with a feet warm up, then works its way through all the major muscles involved in the training of Pointe work. The second part of the class is of course on pointe*!

This class is perfect for any student with weakness in feet and ankles, or recovering from injury.

*For those ready.

Dancers should wear their uniform with convertible tights and well fitted pointe shoes.